Broadcast Sound

I supply a left and right pair of earpieces. This is for several reasons:

Either ear can be used depending on the camera angle taken and so can be better concealed.
Ears should be swapped regularly to reduce potential damage from too long exposure, especially during continuous live cable channels.
If suffering with an ear infection, the other earpiece can be used.

I visit at a mutually agreed venue and time, either at your studio, or your office. After careful examination of both ears using an otoscope to check if they are clear to proceed, and using a silicone based impression material, I take two moulds of each ear.

These impressions, which set in about five minutes, are then sent to a laboratory for making into presenters personal earpieces. The whole process of inspection and impression taking lasts about twenty-five minutes, and delivery to me after receipt of the impressions at the lab takes about a week to ten days. A 24 hour priority turnaround at the lab incurs a charge of £20 + VAT per earpiece.

I keep the impressions for around three years, or until they fail, so a replacement can be quickly ordered without taking further impressions.

Using the same process I can also supply in-ear-monitoring for musicians and performers as well as items for loud environments or covert and security communications.

The bottom line!

£235 + VAT
£185 + VAT
Single duplicate: £60 + VAT
Single replacement:
£75 + VAT
Replacement tubing: £26 + VAT

They come supplied in a tough presentation case and both are complete with coiled tubing and a collar clip. They are also personalised with up to ten characters using laser engraving.

Terms: payment with order, please.